Norbert Kricke

Düsseldorf 1922 - Düsseldorf 1984

Norbert Kricke was born in Düsseldorf on 30 November 1922. After 1947 - following his studies with Richard Schreibe at the "Hochschule für Bildende Künste" in Berlin - Norbert Kricke established himself as freelance artist in Düsseldorf. Towards the end of the 1940s he followed in the footsteps of other constructivist artists of the likes of Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner and produced his first sculptures made of straight, bundled or tied up metal rods, welded together and reaching out dynamically into space.
In 1953 his first solo exhibition took place at the Galerie Ophir in Munich. Apart from numerous public presentations of his works, i.e., an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1961, the artist took part on three occasions - 1959, 1964 and 1977 - in the internationally renowned Kassel "documenta" as well as on one occasion - 1964 - in the 32nd Venice Biennale.
In 1956 he collaborated with John Anthony Thwaites on an outlined of their theories called "Forms of Water". In the following year Norbert Kricke was awarded the "Wettbewerb zur künstlerischen Gestaltung" of the "Neue Stadttheater" Gelsenkirchen along with Robert Adams and Yves Klein. At the same time he took part in the "Salon des Réalités Nouvelles" in Paris.
As from 1955 Kricke received international public commissions, i.e., a large sculpture for the new opera building in Münster (1955/56), the design for the new state theatre in Gelsenkirchen (1957) and in collaboration with Walter Gropius the water lay-out for the new university building in Baghdad (1959) as well as the large sculpture in front of the County Museum of Art, Los Angeles (1965).
In 1964 he accepted a chair for sculpture and in 1972 the directorship of the "Staatliche Kunstakademie" Düsseldorf.
Norbert Kricke died in his hometown on 26 June 1984.

Emil Schumacher - G-1/1960
Emil Schumacher
9,990 $
Gerhard Hoehme - Erstaunte Fantasie
Gerhard Hoehme
Erstaunte Fantasie
7,992 $
Winfred Gaul - Ohne Titel (1-4-58-2)
Winfred Gaul
Ohne Titel (1-4-58-2)
6,660 $
Fritz Winter - Ohne Titel
Fritz Winter
Ohne Titel
5,550 $
Rolf Cavael - No 69/Mi2
Rolf Cavael
No 69/Mi2
3,607 $

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